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This portal is a premium effort in creating an online support for aspiring applicants who are or planning to obtain a driving license in Saudi Arabia. Currently we have 2 practice tests, 39 sample questions, 17 articles and contact information of 12 driving schools located in Saudi Arabia.

  • Things to remember
    • Using accessories

      Using accessories

      Always use safe driving accessories. It is very important to check that all the accessories are functioning properly. Adjust the angle of the rear vision mirror according to your own convenience before starting your car. Seat belts and child lock ensure prevention before a mishap occurs.
  • Emergency Phone Numbers

    Security Patrols : 999

    Road Security Police : 996

    Civil Defense : 998

    Saudi Red Crescent Authority : 997

    Traffic Accident Report : 993

    Najm For Insurance Services : 920000560

This website provide necessary information, step by step guidance, updated information, sample questions for computer test (a.k.a signals test) and online practice tests, which are carefully designed to help learner’s getting the maximum insight and practice before appearing into real exam.