How to Apply?

1.       Before applying for driving license, you must have the following documents with you.

  • Your Iqama (Resident permit) copy. (Mandatory)
  • Your Passport copy with visa copy as well. (Mandatory)
  • Get your Country License translated to Arabic with attestation (however you can get it translated at Driving School premises).(If  applicable)
  • Get your Blood group report from any dispensary in Saudi Arabia. (Mandatory)
  • A letter from your Kafeel (sponsor).
  • Your recent medical report (It may exempt you for the medical test).
  • 3 X Passport size photographs.
  • Class fees.
  • License fees.

Also keep your original iqama and original driving license (if applicable) with you.

2.      Go to Driving School nearest to your area and collect the application form from reception.

This application form is in Arabic so you need to fill that in Arabic or you can get it filled by the translator office with in/near school premises. Translation services will cost you SAR 10-20.

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3.       Get your Country License translated to Arabic with attestation

This step is only for Non Saudi applicants (expatriates) who have previous driving experience. This service can also be obtained from Translator Office with in/near driving school premises and will cost you around 30-40 SAR.

 4.      Purchase and make a file of your documents.

Purchase and file your all documents mentioned in step 1. This file will cost you around SAR 3-5.

5.      Blood group test and Eye test.

With your file visit the medical counter just near translator office and get Blood group and Eye Sight tests done and obtain the report immediately. It will charge you SAR 100. If you have a recent blood group report already with you from any dispensary in Saudi Arabia then you can show it to medical officer he will just take your eye test which will cost you around SAR 50 and you can save SAR 50.

6.      Stamped you documents from medical office.

7.       Go to the Traffic Police Office Reception and get your file stamped from the officer

8.       Submit your file to Driving School Registration with the fees of SAR 100, collect payment slips (White and Yellow) and signal sheet from Registration Officer he will also give you the appointment for the class.

This completes your application process. Next is to attend the class/classes required before appearing in driving test and computer test.